... that matter that many students feel as the usefulness matter.

Contemporary circus somethimes is just like her: while some are wondering what art is for, a small group of artists is seeking alternatives ways to live and shows unusual pats, gives space to unformed thoughts. This is our contemporary circus, a life style, an irreverent thought, outspoken, dynamic, attentive to each other; a style that turns into creative expression, educational and practical attention to life.


Associazione Brocante, of which we feel younger brothers.

Giocolieri e Dintorni, italian network that supports us.

Parish of Paderno, that unconsciousnessly gave us he gym.

Cooperativa Punto Zero, an effective artistic partner.

Teatro della Sete e rassegna TSU, that we proudly host.

ProgettoAutismoFvgONLUS, that understands the value of circus.

Art'n'Anywhere, that allowed us to get to know other worlds.

Magda Clan, for hospitality in welcoming us in their big top.

ProLoco Buri, that trusts in our artistic history.


Davide Perissutti is at the beginning of the story, when Circo all'inCirca  did not exist and that target seemed as distant as absurd. He studies.  He never stopped, has a Masters degree in philosophy on the topic of theatrical play, he says to spend it much better into the circus then into a classroom; he has passed through the Academy of dramatic arts "Nico Pepe", the Academy of comedian, Helikos and other European schools. However he continues to study things, people and life with passion.


Even Irene Giacomello is at the beginning of this story, in that night when the madness finally prevailed over reason and Circo all'inCirca was founded. She never stops, she uses gymnastics even during REM sleep; after a degree in education and in physical education decided to continue deepening circus arts, first at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne, then at Tor Vergata University, lately with the Kataklò in Milan. She promises not to stop.


Circo all'inCirca is a place where we want different backgrounds artists can feel at home. We thank those who already inhabit our spaces: Bart, Silvia, Valentina, Mattia, Davide, Serena, Chiara, Paolo, Rachel, all the instructors who train hard here to create their own performances, all the "musicisti" and all who keep alive and fresh our space.


Most of the activities organized by Circo all'inCirca wouldn't be possible without the work of enthusiastic volunteers that we always want to thank: Carla, Giulia, Maurizio, Chiara, Alex, Catherine, Fabio, Francesco, Ruggero, Jacopo and many others. Would you like to join the group? Just wear a comfortable suit, arm yourself with will and reach us. Be carefull: artists here got dirty hands while working with friends and memebers, this is all circus around here.

Finally thanks to reckless founders: Davide, Chiara, Irene, Francesca G., Frances R., Matteo, Renata, Lorenzo, Valerio.Statute.

FINALLY THANKS TO THE PUBBLIC INSTITUTIONS Comune di Udine, Comune di Sacile, Comune di Buttrio, Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia e Giovani FVG